Cancer pain

Posted June, 2008

Cancer of any type is usually a very complex disease process that can affect many organs, systems, structures—in fact virtually any part of the human body. Sadly, there are more types of cancer than we could possibly mention here without writing a huge book on the subject. So we won't try to do that.

However...we will mention one important fact:

  • If you have unresolved pain whose original (or active) cause is some form of cancer, and you've not already discussed this issue with a pain management specialist, then you should take action to do so as soon as you can.

  • Working carefully alongside your primary physician, our staff will strive to quickly relieve your cancer pain.

It's important to remember that, although the diagnosis of "cancer" sometimes causes patients plenty of very understandable stress and anguish, the disease itself should not cause them to accept a life of horrible burdensome pain.

For more information about the implications of cancer, and cancer care in general, jump to our Links page and then click the Cancer Care entry there.

Contact our office and let's see if we can begin an aggressive "plan of attack" against your cancer pain.