Carpal tunnel pain

Posted June, 2008

This type of very specific "task-oriented" pain is turning up frequently in our computer-driven civilization. In addition, many occupations, such as grocery checkout clerks, stock handlers, and assemblers may perform repetitive and awkward motions all day that can cause this syndrome to appear. The pain of carpal tunnel syndrome can be excruciating and even debilitating.

There are several pain control procedures that can help alleviate the burning pain or "painful numbing" that's often strikes carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers. These treatments act to help stretch the tissue that surrounds (and irritates) the nerves used by the hand. Over time there's usually less pressure, nerve pathway inflammation subsides, and it takes with it the pain of carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you suffer from this problem, please contact us so we can evaluate your condition and determine if the non-surgical procedures we have available are likely to give you some relief. Most are simple and certainly easy enough to try at least once, with little chance of side-effects.

Most important of all: if you type documents at a computer, or enter data at a terminal all day for a living, but do not yet suffer from the worst forms of this syndrome, be sure to alter your work behavior as much as is practical to help insure that what might now be a little bit of soreness doesn't become a permanent disability.