Hand pain

Posted June, 2008

Hand pain can have many causes, some of which are treatable with drugs and by certain procedures such as nerve blocks, anti-inflammatory agents, or by using Prolotherapy.

Being a complex structure that's used (and abused) almost every day by virtually every human who has one, the hand can suffer from many sorts of trauma, disease processes, and other vagaries. In general, the things that work on other joint-laden structures often work here, too.

If you've got hand pain, are over the age of 45, and also suffer from general stiffness, you may wish to see a rheumatologist to get a proper diagnosis in the event you've developed one of the various forms of arthritis. There are several effective methods and drugs used by these specialists to treat the pain and prevent further joint damage caused by this family of disease processes.

Computer users and those whose occupations force them to repeatedly perform the exact same motions should be advised that what feels like "hand pain" may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. This often excruciating condition requires certain specific treatments to reduce inflammation that's impinging on the nerves that serve the hands.

Should you have unresolved hand pain that's not responding to any treatments you've tried so far, we'd like to see if we can help.