Headache pain

Posted June, 2008

There are many different "types" of headaches. Some can be caused by serious underlying pathology and require attention from a specialiast (such as a vascular surgeon). Others are often caused by tension, work-related-stress, bad posture, and even pillows that aren't properly selected for the physique of the person using them.

For our purposes here, we'll call this class "Tension" headaches. If you think you suffer from them, click here. The Tension Headache page may have useful information on how you can get some relief.

If, on the other hand, you believe (or have been told by your general practitioner) that you suffer from migraine-class vascular heaches, you should click here to visit the Migraine Headache page.

Migraine sufferers may also want to read about common Migraine triggers. Sometimes simply removing them from your environment (or diet) can reduce how often they happen.

!!If you have headaches that do not feel like your usual "tension" headaches, or they're accompanied by changes in your vision, hearing, balance, or any other sense, you should contact your general physician immediately.