Important forms

Posted June, 2008

Here are some links to forms such as the pain survey. We'll add other forms or things we may think be of interest as we come across them.

To download and print the PDF format forms, you must first have downloaded and installed the free Adobe Acrobat® Reader version 5 (or later). Most computer users already have this, but you may not have the latest version. You can get it here:


!Important note: if you click the first link below and you get a "Save file..." dialog box rather than seeing Acrobat load into your browser, you must first download the Acrobat Reader and install it onto your system. These days, most folks will already have it pre-installed.

Click here to download the Pain Survey form.

When you view the PDF file in your browser, you can either print it from the browser's PDF file viewer, or if you want to save the file to print it later, you must choose Save a copy... (or something similar) to write a copy of the temporary file used by your web browser to a handy folder on your local hard disk.

Save the file in a location you'll remember (for example, My Documents for Windows users) and then print it later at your convenience so you can fill it out before you come. Please use dark ink, and please staple the form pages in order.

The exact method to Save or Print may vary slightly for users of non-Microsoft computer platforms, but the end result should be a clearly readable form you can print, fill out completely and then bring with you, perhaps saving you a trip to the office to pick up the blank form, then a trip home to fill it out, and so forth.