Joint pain

Posted June, 2008

Whether it's your shoulder (often caused bursitis), your ankle, your wrists, or any other major skeletal joint, RPMG may be able to offer you relief from chronic life-altering pain. If you suffer from any of these types of pain, you should read the pages about Proliferant treatment. This well-established procedure has been shown over and over to be effective for treating many different types of joint and soft tissue pain.

The techniques that we apply to most types of major joint pain also apply to other, less-commonly-afflicted joints. So before you suffer with joint pain that's unresolved because it's been ignored or poorly-treated, contact our office. There is no reason why you have to live with pain that prevents you from enjoying your life.

Bone pain should first be examined in order to rule out diseases like cancer of the bone or undiagnosed fractures. Once we've cleared up the cause of the bone pain, we'll work with you to select the most appropriate treatment for it. There are other methods for other causes of what's commonly called "bone pain."

We'll do our best to improve your quality of life and get you back to doing the things you love most.