Useful links

Posted June, 2008

These links are to medically informative sites that we've found useful.

!!Warning: some of these pages may contain highly technical or visually graphic medical material, including images of various states of injury or disease that some viewers may find unsettling.

American Academy of Pain Management A professional organization of physicians dedicated to the treatment of chronic pain.

American Chronic Pain Association An association of professionals that provides resources for both patients and caregivers who work in the pain management field.

American Pain Society A society that provides support and information for professionals and patients who are dealing with pain issues.

Cancer Care Support for those who are dealing with the care of cancer victims.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome Association This association provides support and information for both patients with RSD and for professionals who must treat those afflicted with the disorder.

National Migraine Association NMA Provides information for migraineurs and for those who must help treat patients afflicted with migraine-class headaches.

Vertebroplasty web site This is the official site of the firm that invented the Vertebroplasty procedure. (This procedure is used to help support weakened vertebrae).