Migraine triggers

Posted June, 2008

Here's a list of common dietary and behavioral items that many people have reported appear to trigger migraine episodes. You may want to try to remove these from your day-to-day life to see if your incidence of migraines decrease. One tip: try to keep a personal log of what you eat as well as the other possible triggers to see what correlates with Migraine episodes.

Dietary triggers

Aged cheddar cheese - Red wine - Concord grapes - Nitrite preservatives (found in bacon and other processed meats) - MSG (common in Chinese and processed foods) - Caffeine from coffee or soda - Very salty preserved foods - Chocolate (especially "good" types such as Belgian or Swiss) - Freezing cold foods such as ice cream - Aspartame (Nutrasweet®) - Alcohol - Strong aromatic spices or peppery foods - Strong perfumes or other scents

Behavioral triggers

Disturbances in sleep patterns - Extreme emotions (any kind, positive and negative) - Job-related or other constant stress - Rapid exertion - Flickering light like a strobe lamp - Sexual climax - Rapid barometric changes (high altitude flight, weather changes).

Please note that this information is not meant to substitute for getting a proper diagnosis by a qualified physician.

If you have a sudden onset of severe headaches or you suffer from what seem to be "vascular headaches," please contact your personal physician prior to experimenting with your diet or other issues. You may have a serious, undiagnosed condition that requires medical attention beyond simple pain relief.

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