Posted December, 2012

A narcotics primer

Narcotics are powerful drugs that Dr. Robb may prescribe to relieve your pain. The doctor will discuss usage of these drugs during your visit. There are a few things you should know about narcotics, or opiod painkillers, prior to your visit.

Opiods can, because of many misunderstandings regarding their proper use, be feared and abused (either accidentally or by design). Patients may also have unrealistic expectations as to what certain drugs can do for the various types of severe pain. We will discuss with you what your opiod dosage prescribing should feel like, what things you should know about side effects, and other important issues of regular opiod usage during your visit.

If you have questions about the usage and administration of these types of pain-killing drugs, please feel free ask them during your office visit. We'll try to answer all of your queries about them at that time.

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