Privacy policy

Posted June, 2008

Privacy: we do not track your usage of this site, or put cookies on your system, or share any information regarding our patients (or those who've contacted us but are not yet patients) with any third parties, agencies, or services except as is required by law for patients with whom we have ongoing professional relationships.

Testimonials: All testimonials that may be contained on this site are reprinted with the express permission of those patients who provided them.

Legal Disclaimers: nothing declared herein should be construed by the reader as a guarantee that we will be able to perform a specific service for a certain patient or apply a specific treatment to any individual. We cannot warranty the exact medical results of any of the procedures described within this site. There are many complex issues involved with all medical care, but especially so with pain management. What we're able to do may be adversely affected by insurance limitations or other difficult-to-resolve issues impinging on the proper path of the patient's care.