Healthcare provider information

Posted June, 2008

If you are a medical group, insurance provider, or other party interested in contracting with Robb Pain Management Group so we may serve your clients' pain management needs, please contact us.

Our philosophy here is actually fairly simple, and we feel it's the right approach. The staff at Robb Pain Management Group seeks to provide comprehensive pain management treatment that targets the whole person. We treat both the physical and the emotional components of chronic, debilitating, intractable pain. Because the nature of pain is deeply intertwined with the negative feelings it triggers, it therefore involves as many psychological components as it does physical elements. We believe only a careful and comprehensive evaluation of the patient's medical and emotional status will do the job.

By treating both aspects of pain (emotional and physical) we can more quickly improve the quality of the patient's life.

At RPMG we seek to provide solid economic value to our contracted service providers. Many of—if not most of—the procedures we perform are outpatient or reasonably simple and low-risk office-based treatments. By approaching pain management this way, rather than employing extensive and risky open surgical treatments, we drive health care costs lower than those "conventional" treatments commonly employed to solve for the same conditions.

Because we also employ lightly-invasive and cutting-edge methods such as vertebroplasty and proliferant treatment, the health care costs incurred by providers contracted with us are usually much less than those billed by many other medical specialists. Click here to view a complete list of the procedures we perform.

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We have a complete fluoroscopic suite at our facility. For patients needing procedures that require fluoroscopy, there's no expensive hospital out-patient visit. We handle everything required for such procedures here, further improving the provider's bottom-line.

If you represent a medical service provider or other such group, and wish to contract with Robb Pain Management Group for our services, please contact us to discuss your situation.