Posted July, 2010

Most folks are familiar with this technology, It's essentially the same that's used to show expectant parents a "picture" of the newest addition to the family. Ultrasound is a superb method for revealing tricky soft-tissue injuries that can remain invisible when the afflicted area is imaged with many other methods. In addition, it's safe to continuously image the area in order to more perfectly guide an injection to the intended target. This factor alone can substantially improve the effectiveness of treatment.

Because it's both totally safe and extremely effective, it represents a major advance for us in treating certain joint and soft-tissue pain triggers. Combined with treatments like Prolotherapy, it puts a powerful tool at our disposal in order to better treat those difficult soft tissue areas that can present a challenge using other techniques.

Patients can also watch the procedure "live" on a large monitor in the Ultrasound Treatment Room. Actually seeing the problem area as we treat it can better educate our patients as to what's causing their pain.

In concert with Prolotherapy (and other methods) we should be able to greatly improve the quality of life for almost anyone who suffers from many common joint and soft tissue injuries.