Posted June, 2008

We're convinced that well-informed patients are a vitally important part of health care. Because of this, we've built this site using a format we thinks makes the most sense, and that's to serve a patient who's looking for answers.

So we've written many parts of this site as if you (the visitor and maybe a potential patient) are asking us questions. We then try to provide useful information for you in our answers.

For more information about our services, click on the topics you see listed in the table of contents and peruse the various sections. Many of these also link to related topics, or more extensive information, and you may read as deeply into these as you wish. We hope this material answers the questions you might have about how we treat the various aliments that cause our patients to seek treatment.

Can't find what you need on this site? Please call our office at (818) 506-5197. We'll do our best to help explain what we can do to improve the quality of your life.

Dr. Leon G. Robb

During my years of service it's always been my mission to provide full, complete, and deeply compassionate care for every patient I treat. I and all of the staff here are utterly dedicated to aggressively treating and quickly relieving chronic pain, no matter what is causing it.

RPMG's most important goal is to help every one of our patients live pain free. Our official motto is:

"To ease pain and enhance the quality of life."

-- Leon G. Robb, M.D.

  • Important note: We cannot diagnose, treat, or provide a probability of successful treatment via E-mail. You should arrange an appointment if you require a pain management consultation.